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The Creatures Community Sites


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Official resources
Creature Labs (new website and forum) Creatures Developer Network mirror Gameware Forums New Creatures Developer Network The Creatures Outlet Shop The Creatures Mall, Software Shop

English sites
AmberCreatures (Ali's) Albia 2000 Helen's Bibble directory (Wafuru's) Adventures in Nornsitting! (Clucky's) The High Tech Hand (Rascii's) Creature Caves BoBWarE JayD's Creatures Workshop (MNB's) Creatures Mainframe Emmental's Docking Station Agents (Dan's) Creatures Warehouse - Closed Mummy's Creatures Hausmouse's Creatures 3 Page Alien's Creatures World Chris Double's Creatures Developer Resourse TreeSprite's Creatures Grove (TwilightCat's) Twilight (Chani's) CaisleŠin Uaine (Tina Hirsch and Meikel Brandmeyer's) C3-DS-Tools (Tomtschek's) Norngarden (Freya's) Creatures Jungle (Sharon's) Creatures Incorporated - Closed (edash's) edash's Creatures Creatures Wiki

German sites
Mummy's Creatures Creatures Unlimited Alien's Creatures World Amanora's Creatures Aktion Strassennorn Albia-World

French sites
Creatures France Florian's Creatures 3 website

Linux sites
Sylv's Docking Station Page for GNU/Linux Tina Hirsch's Worlds - Offline


The Creatures sites above are a small list of the best websites. They are ones that I trust and have used the downloads or tutorials from, so I know they are good quality and well worth a visit.



Copyright © 2005 Don