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Online Guides



   Name   Author 
DS manual in Word | PDF document
The Official Docking Station Gameplay guide to introduce you to every aspect of the game. This manual is essential since the layout isn't always easy to understand.
Creature Labs
C3 walkthrough in PDF format
The Official Creatures 3 Walkthrough will guide you through all the main areas of the Creatures 3 game.
If you bought Creatures Gold you will need this manual.

Creature Labs
Creatures 1 SDK Guide in PDF
Creatures 1 CAOS development guide. All about COBs, Macros, events and classifiers, and even norn development.
Creature Labs
CAOS Language Guide
"The source of all CAOS knowledge" 27th January 1999
Creature Labs
Creatures 2 Splicing Machine
Our guide on how to safely splice creatures in Creatures 2, includes two cobs
CA Walkthrough in PDF format
The Creatures Adventures walkthrough provides a guide to the main places to visit in the game and how to activate the machines there.
Creature Labs
CP Walkthrough in PDF format
Creatures Playground walkthrough is a five page step by step guide to the game, and would be of use to players who own Creatures Adventures also.
Creature Labs
Adobe Acrobat Reader
If you cannot open PDF files you will need to download and install Acrobat Reader and after that double clicking on PDF files will open them.



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