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Download Docking Station version 195

Docking Station is a completely FREE artificial life game for both Windows and Linux, developed by Creature Labs, the creators of the Creatures series of games, with online multiplayer capabilities.  Hatch and raise you own unique norns, then take them online to see how they interact with the rest of the Creatures world at the Docking Station.

Docking Station docked with Creatures 3

Creatures Docking Station for Windows

Download   (30.2Mb)

  • Download dockingstation_195.exe to your Windows desktop

  • Register a Docking Station identity while the file is downloading

  • Double left-click on dockingstation_195.exe to begin the installation

  • Follow the instructions to install the game

Creatures Docking Station for Linux

Download   (20.9Mb)

  • Start an X terminal window as an ordinary user

  • Download dockingstation_195_64.tar.bz2 to your home directory

  • Register a Docking Station identity while the file is downloading

  • Type tar xvfj dockingstation_195_64.tar.bz2 to extract to a temporary folder

  • Type cd dockingstation_195_64 and ./dstation-install to start the installation

  • After initial installation, just type dockingstation nocheck run the game

  • You can now delete the temporary folder with rm dockingstation_195_64.tar.bz2 -fr



Copyright © 2005 Don