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Genetic Engineering Tools for Creatures 3 Docking Station



   Name   Author 
Biochemistry Set
This advanced tool allows you to get more control and feedback on the state of any creatures biochemistry. It provides graphing and injection tools to allow full manipulation and diagnosis of the state of any chemical in the game.
Creature Labs
Genetics Kit
With the Genetics Kit you have complete control over each and every gene in your Creatures' genomes. You can easily create genetic hybrids between Norns, Grendels and Ettins, or even build your own life-form from scratch!
Creature Labs
Gene Lab
You will find this fabulous genetics editor under "Tools & Utilities" in the menu at Creatures Unlimited. The goal in development of this software was to supply the user with all the tools he could need for manipulating any aspect of his creatures in one single interface. Genetics Lab has a lobe viewer, a pose editor, an SVRules editor to manipulate brain processing and a genome admin tool.
Dennis Murczak
Brain in a VAT
With this tool you can watch the brain of any creature in-game, from neurons firing to dendrites strengthening. Alternatively you can load up any Creatures 3 genome and watch how the brain reacts to situations you set up within the tool.
Creature Labs





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