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Welcome to AmberCreatures


The Creatures series allows you to hatch your very own artificial life computer pets who grow, learn and behave just a though they're alive. As a taster Creatures Docking Station is a full game for Windows and Linux with online playability, which you can download completely free.

Creature Labs is a division of Gameware Development Ltd. The official Creatures website is with both old and new developer resources located there as well.

Latest Creatures Community News

Our current hosting company has sufferent server failure, so you are currently seeing a mirror of an older archive of the website. We hope everything will be restored to normal soon.

Creatures Docking Station is free

Docking Station v195 - A group of Ettins
You can now check the server status.

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Butterfly nornIn Jan 2003 our Butterfly norns were updated to version 3.
Download the full breed here

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